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A Celebration of Life: Dave Tolhurst – Miner, Friend, Mentor

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I worked for Dave from 2008-2010 at Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine (CC&V). During my interview in September 2008, we both instantly knew we wanted me to work for him although we wouldn’t admit it until years later. It turned out to be the perfect team – our strengths and weaknesses complemented each other at work and we got things done. We couldn’t have come from a more different world. Dave was an avid huntsmen from a small mining town in Nevada and I was a big-city girl from Canada who had never even seen a rifle. Dave’s idea of fun was to drag a 5th wheel onto a frozen pond in the middle of winter, drill a hole and go fishing. I had to google what a 5th wheel even was when he first told me.

During my tenure at CCV, Dave taught me “The Four Agreements” which was his mantra:

  1. Be true to your word
  2. Don’t take anything personally
  3. Always do your best
  4. Don’t assume

Dave also taught me to pick my battles which has not only served me well at work but also in my personal life. He stood up for me when it was needed. If he asked for something to be done, he provided the resources to enable my project to be successful. He was extremely loyal and always took care of those around him even if it meant sacrificing his own energy or well being. He led by example. If I am a better person professionally and personally today than I was 4 years ago, I owe it to Dave and his guidance.

Dave was hired at Jerritt Canyon in August 1988 as a supervisor. He went over to CC&V in 1994 as a Mine General Forman, was promoted to the Mine Superintendent in 1996 and then to Mine Manager in 2004. Dave passed quietly away on Easter, Sunday April 8, 2012 after a battle with cancer going through multiple surgeries, cyber-knife radiation therapies and many visits to a wellness center in Mexico. But he will never be forgotten.

Here’s to Dave and all the lives he touched – they will never be the same.


RIP David J. Tolhurst

October 1955-April 2012


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