Criteria for Selecting a Fleet Management System

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Criteria for Selecting a Fleet Management System

In every decision for technology, a company’s business objectives must be matched with an OTM’s proven offerings. You may disagree with me but that means that there is not one OEM or OTM that is the perfect fit for every single mine any where in the world. In the case of fleet management system, there are always different reasons why the project was born: higher production, lower costs, better material blending, production monitoring, tire management, etc. The key is to find the best fit.

This blog will explore the list of evaluation criteria and functional requirements that open pit fleet management systems can be compared against. A evaluation committee needs to sit down and determine the priority of each item listed below for the company. In other words, how important is this “feature” or “capability for the mine/company right now? There are over 10+ fleet management systems in the world but if you take a short list of OTMs and invite them to respond to the functional requirements below, you can calculate a weighted score of each OTM based on the priorities of your business need. Company culture, global footprint, challenges and vision will dictate what factors are more important than others.

Please note that this article only discusses the fleet management system; no communications or infrastructure is considered as it should be a separate study with a separate set of requirements. The evaluation criteria and functional requirements of fleet management systems are as follows:

  • Data Collection, Recording and Production Reporting
  • Truck Optimization Algorithm
  • Machine Health / Real Time Condition Monitoring
  • Machine Guidance for LP and HPGPS
  • Operator Training Capability & Fast Feedback
  • Underground R&D – for companies who want to standardize systems and have both open pit and underground mines, this may be an important factor
  • Sustainability – Ongoing development, stability of company, vision and business plan, upgrade paths offered for next gen technology
  • Integration with other systems (ie. ERP, Reporting software, Maintenance User Interface, machine sensors, etc.)
  • Regional Service & Support
  • Cost -make sure you are comparing apples to apples (for example, a turnkey proposal should be compared against a turnkey proposal including all, if any, integration costs)
  • Regular Training Programs Offered
  • Change Management In-House or 3rd Party
  • Support Modules: Payload, Tire, Consumables, Fuel, Material blending, Languages available
  • Requirements for dispatch personnel; option to run the system unmanned?

Under each subject area above, there should be a subset of requirements that are further detailed; this subset of requirements may be created by the respective departments or by a 3rd party consultant if you do not have the in-house expertise. For example, under Payload Monitoring, you may have Payload monitoring system, Payload recording events, Carry back weight, Conversion of wet weights as your level 2 requirements.

Lastly – after you receive the RFP from your OTMs and create a weighted scoring system, be sure to call other mines and get references for a 3rd party validation of the information you’ve been given.

Good luck and as always, if you ever need any help, please contact me directly either via comments below or my e-mail details are on the Abstract page.


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    Hi Vivien,
    I liked your article. I am currently looking for benchmark figures for coal loading operation, utilizing CAT 992/3/4 loaders

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  • Lumambu

    Hi Vivien,

    I would like to express my appreciation to this article. Work for a consulting company in South Africa, I have to decide what is the more suitable Fleet management sytem for our client operating in DRC. This article shows me a way on which should be based my assessment.


    Jean Luc Lumambu

  • El Chapitan

    Well done. Looks to me like this set of criteria could be easily adapted into some sort of a guideline for the mining industry…….. :)