Introducing: CIM Mining Standards & Guidelines Committee (for Information & Technology)

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Introducing: CIM Mining Standards & Guidelines Committee (for Information & Technology)

I just got back from the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) Conference & Exhibition in Edmonton and want to share with everyone the launch of the CIM Mining Standards & Guidelines Committee, with an initial focus on Surface Mining, and Information & Technology. With this blogpost, I will endeavor to provide some background information, and what this group is all about.

In February 2012, Mr. Ian Parsons with Syncrude submitted a survey to members of SMART (Surface Mining Association of Research and Technology – a group of mine operators). The intent was to poll current SMART operators on their current use of the mobile equipment telemetry, in order to examine the why, what, and adequacy of current tools and systems to collect, retain, analyze, and visualize mobile equipment events and telemetry.

“The survey was sent out March 8, 2012. Results were returned from nine (9) respondents from a total of 21 requests.

A summary of the survey is that this data is useful now for making decisions regarding individual as well as fleets of mobile equipment.  Future growth is planned when systems allow.  The mobile information is used in making decisions about safety, production, planning, financial, and training.  There is often a mix of equipment in a mine and this raises issues with a single solution to data retention and analysis.  This results in in-house solutions to integrate the data.  The current tools are deemed insufficient or unfriendly to use.  Integration into existing fleet management tools or business systems is desired.”

These results reveal that (1) we still have the same struggles as we did 10 years ago, (2) a unified group to address and overcome the integration issues would behoove the industry. Basically if you purchase different applications and you run different OEM equipment at your site, you are almost guaranteed to require an integration specialist/consultant to build push/pull sequences.

The aforementioned committee strives to fill this gap within our industry. And the success of this group depends on not only mine operators membership & active participation but also academics, students, OEM, OTM, vendors, and any other stakeholders in the mining industry.

Firstly, membership into this group is open and free; for example, you do not need to be a CIM member. The main vision of the committee is provide a platform to support, assist, communicate and continually improve the surface mining community in the application of existing and potential standards and guidelines. (See below in the appendix for a full list of the vision statements). If your company is interested in being a sponsor, there are still opportunities available.

Also – Out of this committee are also 4 work groups that would welcome industry participation:

a.     Mining Equipment Asset Management: in a nutshell, determining what information is required for all facets of the operation, from the operators’ perspective, through reliability and procurement
b.     Mobile Mining Equipment Onboard Data Requirements and Access: outlining where this information comes from, in what format, and ensuring access for the operations
c.     Mobile Mining Equipment Onboard Technology and Connectivity: creating a common protocol or standard for the data, to enable systems to communicate effectively
d.     Situation Awareness: a research project into the displays and how information is provided to the operator for increased safety and accuracy

My role on the executive council is the External Coordinator and my primary function is to:

  • • Oversee and coordinate activities for research, identification, collaboration, and communication with potential and existing global standard bodies and mining organizations worldwide.
  • • The primary Standards Committee council liaison with other related standards bodies and mining organizations.

For example – during CIM, we had discussions with IREDES, EMESRT, SME and CSA on how we can all work together instead of overlapping our efforts. To my international readers: if you know of external organizations with a similar vision and function, please let me know.

The website for the CIM Mining Standards and Guideline Committee (MSGC) is targeted to launch by the end of May. In the mean time, for more information or to join a working group, please contact Heather Ednie via e-mail – hednie at cim dot org.



Appendix 1

The Mission of the Society is to:

  • Provide an environment and an organization to support, assist, communicate, and continually improve the surface mining community in the application of existing and potential standards and guidelines.
  • Receive, identify, or determine potential standards that would be of benefit to the surface mining industry.
  • Evaluate, approve, and endorse standard subject matter that will fall under the scope and management of the Standards Committee.
  • Develop, maintain, and communicate standards and guidelines.
  • Communicate, assist, and facilitate the exchange and use of standards information and knowledge for the global surface mining community, including the organizing of events and knowledge sharing opportunities.
  • Provide mentoring and knowledge.
  • Develop strong relationships and collaboration with other related global, industry, and mining standards bodies.
  • Develop, provide, and execute the required processes and mechanisms to develop, modify, maintain, execute, and terminate the standards and guidelines covered by the Standards Committee.
  • Provide leadership and development on selected initiatives that are to the direct benefit to the industry as a whole.
  • Maintain an active and strong collaborative and directional relationship with SMART.


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    Dear Vivien,It’s A Great Chance To Talk To You and I As A Mining Engineer Since 1990 I Could Say That It’s The First Time For me To Share and Think Like This Way So Please Inform me What Is It Required From me .
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    • Vivien

      Hello Mouneer, Thanks for the message. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact * All the best, Vivien

  • Dr Jeremy Davies

    Dear Vivien,
    I think this is a very important, and timely, effort. We’re exploring similar territory as members of CRCMining (Brisbane, Aus). The effort here is being lead by the CRCMining Automation Research Group, in thei rprogramme to define the architecture needed to support future state levels of mining automation.
    I’d like to learn more about your group, and make contact.
    Best Regards,