About Me

Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting my site. The abstract’s goal is to provide a snapshot of my professional background, experience, passions and skillset.


I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Mining Engineering at the University of British Colombia. After graduation, I moved to Colorado and worked underground to Henderson Mine as their Mobile Equipment engineer. I left Henderson Mine and after some consulting work, I started at Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine as their Senior Operations Engineer and also as the Global Program Manager for Mining Information Systems (MIS) for corporate AngloGold. I joined 3D-P in 2011 and moved back to Denver. In 2014, I returned to the operator world for Barrick Gold in their Mining Information Technology (MIT) group. We investigate, deploy and support new technologies to support our core business globally.

Within the industry, I am on the Executive Council of the CIM (Canadian Institute of Mining) Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Committee (GMSG) as the External Coordinator.

Although equipped with an engineering background, my niche is in applying paper designs, calculations, book principles to mine operations and maintenance; and solving the challenges associated with implementing engineered ideas. My passions within the industry is the integration of technology, mobile equipment, engineering economics, mine operations & maintenance to increase productivity and safety.

To contact me, simply comment on this or any of my pages! Or connect with me via linkedin using the shortcut on the right.